How to get a bike for free online

If you live in an area with limited bike rental options, it may be worth getting a bike.But if you’re in one of the areas that has been flooded with the flood of new bike rentals, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your bike.1.Find a bike with good coverage 2.Find the bike that’s right […]

When the world’s largest beach is being built

When the first ferry to sail from the coast of Ireland was launched in 1887, the people of Galway welcomed it with open arms.Today, the city’s beaches and sea beaches are renowned for their beauty and history.There is also the potential to develop them further, and a new generation of developers is set to put this in motion.The latest wave […]

What to know about the US-India nuclear deal

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order establishing a US-Indian nuclear deal, paving the way for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the Indian state of Maharashtra.The agreement aims to provide cheaper energy and lower emissions for the two countries.Trump’s move comes as the US and India are battling over the construction and operation of […]

A car rental platform for Maui’s car rental market

Next Big Futures has released a new video showcasing the new Maui Car Rentals platform.The platform provides a mobile app that allows customers to book a vehicle rental from a variety of locations.The app features a car rental reservation system that allows users to book the vehicle from one of four locations that include: Maui, Maui Beach, the Maui River, […]

Aaa car rentals, houseboat rentals rise in 2016

Aaa Car Rentals, a rental service based in South Africa, reported a 2.9 percent increase in 2016, to $2.6 million, compared with a year earlier.The average cost for a 2-bedroom car rental in South African cities fell 0.6 percent in 2016 to $1,845, while the average cost of a 2 bedroom houseboat rental rose 0.4 percent to $632.The rise in […]

What to expect from the Israel’s largest car rental agency

JERUSALEM (AP) Israel’s biggest car rental company, Israel Rent, has said it will close its doors in the wake of an Israeli government crackdown on car rentals.Israel Rent’s owners have been under increasing pressure since late 2016, when a new government law aimed at cracking down on car rental agencies effectively outlawed all of them.It had been operating as a […]

Which taxi company is best for the Middle East?

On the night of June 27, Israeli police arrested six people after they allegedly attacked a taxi driver, killing him.The six were all members of a pro-Palestinian group called the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.The group, whose members wear black clothing and carry Palestinian flags, is a radical faction of the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP.The driver […]

Why are the price of wedding tents so high?

The price of tent rentals is among the most popular questions people ask when looking for a tent rental.The problem is that tent rentals are more expensive than the hotel rates for the exact same amount of time.Many hotels charge up to 20 percent more for a room than a tent, and some hotels charge even more.For example, if you […]

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