Why I’m leaving my car rental business to start a home improvement business

Why I’m leaving my car rental business to start a home improvement business

Posted June 12, 2018 07:03:03 A decade ago, I bought a small business in Seattle and went on to buy several others.

I loved what I did, and I love the people who worked for me.

But a couple of years ago, after working my way up to being a full-time homeowner, I had enough.

I wanted to take on a new challenge and start a new business.

It’s been a tough road, but I’ve found my passion, and my new company, The New Home Improvement, is poised to make a name for itself in the local community.

My goal is to become a leader in the home improvement field, which I think is a growing and important industry.

“I started out doing just what I was born to do: make things,” said Scott Breslin, the company’s co-founder and CEO.

“I grew up in a working-class family.

I learned to build things from the ground up.

The people who work for me are like my siblings and aunts.

They helped me along the way, and now I’m grateful for all they’ve given me.”

Breslin and his wife, Linda, began The New House Improvement in 2013 with the goal of providing the best value for their customers.

They began by making and selling the smallest appliances, then built a small operation that provided a variety of home repairs and maintenance services.

Bresler has been the owner of The Newhouse since 2015.

After Breslers business expanded, he said he needed to find an outlet to provide the services he needed.

The first company he worked for, Newhouse Auto, had its doors open and shut for about two years.

Bred by a good customer service, Breslis new company began attracting new customers and expanding the business to include the entire range of home improvement products.

As he was getting to know the new business, he realized it was an interesting opportunity to work on building a brand that would help to make the business sustainable and make it more profitable.

He decided to put his money where his mouth was and hire someone to help him.

Today, The Old House is Breslins second company, and it offers a wide range of services from door-to-door maintenance and repair to the installation of new appliances.

Blesis company provides door-service services for thousands of people in King County, including many with senior and disabled customers.

Brelins first company, New House Auto, closed in 2014 and he said it took him years to figure out what he needed for his business.

Brelins current company, Brougham Home, is one of his main competitors, which is what started The NewHouse.

He started by building his business from scratch, building the business from the bottom up, and using a combination of recruiting and customer service to make sure customers were satisfied.

The new company offers everything from door to door repairs and installation to the purchase of new homes.

The NewHouse has grown to over 600 members, and Bresins first year sales are now over $1 million.

Broughams customers are also looking to invest in the new company.

My goal is that we’ll grow from a little business to a full service business in the next three to five years.

We’ve got to keep the customer base, which includes senior and active people, engaged, and we’ve got a customer service team, which will make our customers feel comfortable with our services.

I think people are going to be able to tell you that we’ve done a lot of things in the last three years that they weren’t expecting,” Breslis said.

We’ve done everything from making doors and doors for the elderly, to making new appliances, to installing a new kitchen, and everything in between.

Brelin has seen the success and growth of the business through the years and knows how important it is to keep growing.

New House Auto had about 200 customers in King Co., and Broughm Home had over 600 customers, but they were all in the Seattle metro area.

In 2018, Brelis said he sold two houses in the metro area and the company is in the process of selling another home.

What’s Next for Broughs Business?

Brougham is one-third owned by Bresels son, Kevin, who has also been involved with the company for a number of years.

Kevin is also the CEO and also the co-owner of The Oldhouse.

Kevin has a new home, and he has been looking for ways to grow the business.

He said he is looking to expand the company to the Seattle area.

Brenslin said he has always been looking to grow his business and that Broughy Home has done a great job.

Our business model is based on the fact that we make a good product and