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How to get a mini excavators rental for $200,000 (and no rent)

How to get a mini excavators rental for $200,000 (and no rent)

A rental mini excavating vehicle that can excavate up to 200 tons of material is set to become available in the next month for just $200K.

That’s the same price a rental excavator would cost today, but the mini excavater, a rental product developed by a Dutch firm, can excavates a lot of material. 

Rental mini excavaters are usually used for excavation in the construction industry and for digging up the sides of houses, but mini excavations can also be used in the mining industry, where excavation is often done in close proximity to mining operations. 

For this reason, many of the people who rent mini excavated vehicles are in the industry to make money, and renting them can help them to keep up with that. 

In an interview with Recode, Jeroen de Jonge, founder and CEO of M-L-A excavator company, said that they have “tens of thousands of vehicles that we have been renting for several years.”

He said that this time around, M-LM was focusing on getting more customers and more interest from the mining and construction industries. 

“It’s good for us to have the interest in the business because that makes us more efficient and can be used for different purposes,” he said.

“But we’re also focused on providing our customers with a great service.”

M-LM (which translates to “Miner’s Lager”) started out as a Dutch company in 1999.

In 2010, they bought the name Mini excavator from German company Geschutz GmbH (the company also produces excavators for the construction sector).

In 2013, they expanded to the United States, adding to their portfolio of rental mini excavation vehicles. 

According to de Jong, in 2016, they were able to get over 20% of the market in the United Kingdom and were able “to make a profit of €30,000 ($40,000) per year.” 

Rent a mini excavation vehicle for $40,00 per month The company uses three models of mini excavants to excavate materials: the LAM-1000, LAMP-1000 and Lamp-500. 

The Lam-1000 excavates up to 100 tons per day, while the AMP-500 excavates 30 tons per hour. 

M-LAM’s mini excavate (left) and MAM-500’s mini excavate (right) (Photo: M-LTRA/Shutterstock) According the company, the M2L-2000 is the most popular model of mini excavation, and it can excavated up to 20 tons per night. 

To rent a mini excavator, customers pay €40.00 per night, which is a little over $50.00 at the time of this writing. 

When Mam-500s mini excavation is available, you can rent one for just €25.00 ($27.00). 

A minimal excuse (right) to buy a mini excavage (center) is an alternative to renting a mini.

(Photo: The Daily Telegraph, Matt Rimmer) Mammoth excavators are also available for rent, but they are only available for the mining and construction industries, so it’s not the best choice for people who want to do excavation in their backyard. 

Mini excavators that are rented are sold on Mampagnon’s website for around €80.00 per month. 

De Jong says that he is confident that the Mini excavaation model will be able to grow in popularity as the market expands. 

He said that he has received “more than 200” inquiries for Mambo excAVation models. 

There is also an upcoming mini, Mini R1, which is currently available for €20.00. 

A mini Excavation kit (above) and a Mini Mini excavators kit (below) on Amazon.com (Source: Amazon.co.uk) “We have seen a lot of interest from mining and building industries.

There is a lot more demand for minimally excaved materials in the future,” he added. 

However, it’s important to note that rental mini amplifiers are only available for a limited time. 

You can find out more about Mini excavating products and how to rent them on Mamba.com.

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