How to save on car rentals from Expedia car rentals

How to save on car rentals from Expedia car rentals

Expedia is set to start charging for pick-up truck rentals at some locations in Canada, and they will be limited to just one per day. 

The new policies come after the company announced a few weeks ago that it would start charging a flat fee for rental vehicles.

The company stated that it wanted to keep the pick-ups affordable and convenient for customers. 

Car rental companies are often a lot more expensive than other companies, and this fee will help offset that cost.

For a limited time, Expedia will charge a flat $10 fee for pick up truck rentals, up to a maximum of four pick up trucks per week.

This is a change from the standard $5 fee, which is waived for customers who use an auto-pool.

“It’s important to us that customers have access to pick up vehicles that fit their budget, so we’re offering this limited fee for pickup trucks that are eligible for pickup pickup in the coming weeks,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

In addition to these pickup truck rental options, Expansys is adding a new service to its car rental options that includes pick-out boxes, and will also be able to lease cars at certain locations. 

If you’re looking to get a pickup truck to pick you up in your area, you can do so at any Expedia store, and you can also book pickup trucks from the company’s online car rental portal.