Which California city is most vulnerable to a water crisis?

Which California city is most vulnerable to a water crisis?

San Francisco has been under water for more than a year now, but it’s getting more water and more frequent.

Now, residents are feeling the effects of a water emergency.

San Francisco is experiencing more frequent and severe water crises, but how many more people are likely to die before the crisis ends?

A new study by the University of California, Berkeley, and The Hill finds that the city’s average annual water usage rose from a whopping 3.2 million gallons in 2012 to 6.7 million gallons last year.

More than 60 percent of San Francisco’s water usage is being driven by the city, and the researchers estimate that if the city continued on its current path, it would exceed a third of California’s total water usage by 2032.

San Francisco’s citywide water usage was nearly 50 percent higher in 2016 than it was in 2014.

It was the highest rate of usage in the nation for that year, and was still rising.

The city’s population is now roughly double the size of the city that was before it was built.

The problem is not limited to the city itself.

While San Francisco may have an urban sprawl that makes it more susceptible to a drought, the city is also a massive reservoir for groundwater.

The study found that about three-quarters of San Franciscans used at least a third (75 percent) of their city’s water in some way.

When the water is not being used properly, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been forced to ration water, which has led to some residents who have used water illegally to start fires or get water shut off for non-essential use.

Water emergencies have also led to an increase in crime in the city.

According to the National Park Service, crime in San Francisco dropped significantly in 2016 compared to 2015.

It also fell slightly in 2016 as more people left the city to escape the drought.

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