‘Toxic’ new trailer in the trash is a ‘disgusting, disgusting waste of money’: ConsumerWatch

‘Toxic’ new trailer in the trash is a ‘disgusting, disgusting waste of money’: ConsumerWatch

A new trailer found in the parking lot of a gas station in Texas was a “disgustingly, disgusting” waste of public money, according to a consumer advocacy group.

ConsumerWatch, which has a long history of fighting against trailer trash, found the trailer on Saturday was a trailer that had been recently rented out at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, which was the site of a recent incident involving a trailer in a trash can.

The trailer was found in a dumpster in the airport’s parking lot, which ConsumerWatch said had previously been “taken over by an extremely abusive trailer owner,” and was used as a “trailer trash” area by his company.

“This trailer was purchased from a rental company that was known to dump trailers in the back of their trucks, but this company was recently shut down by state inspectors who found the company had failed to maintain the trailer and failed to properly dispose of trash in accordance with state law,” said ConsumerWatch executive director John Burton.

“They’re taking it out of the parking lots to be recycled.

It’s disgusting and it’s a waste of taxpayer money.”

A customer contacted ConsumerWatch and complained that the trailer had a faulty rear axle and needed to be replaced.

The customer, who called ConsumerWatch to report the incident, was then given a refund, the organization said.

“It was a disgusting, disgusting, waste of $500,000 that was not in the public interest to spend,” Burton said. is a nonprofit, independent news service that aims to provide an alternative to corporate media.

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