Why you should buy a moving truck lease at a time when your car rental market is getting tougher

Why you should buy a moving truck lease at a time when your car rental market is getting tougher

Moving truck rentals are getting harder to come by.

The car rental industry is in a bit of a meltdown.

There’s also a new wave of new moving truck rentals coming out that promise to offer the best of both worlds.

The new wave, dubbed the “flex” model, comes with a higher mileage and more options, and its the cheapest way to get your moving truck rental done.

And now, a new leasing service is offering a cheaper option for renters.

We spoke to Jason Foust, managing director of leasing at Moving and Storage, to find out how he’s seeing the market for moving truck leases right now.

Jason: The big problem that the leasing industry has is the fact that the average person rents a moving vehicle once every four years.

That’s it.

If you think about it, that’s about as many moving vehicles that you could possibly ever rent.

There are always going to be people who will go for one car, but the average household rents one car every four or five years.

The leasing industry needs to be thinking about the moving truck as a vehicle that can be rented more often.

The fact that you have a new model, like Flex, that can get you up to three moving trucks, that really has helped the industry grow.

I think the Flex is an interesting one.

The Flex is a truck that’s a little bit different than what you would typically see.

The truck is actually an RV, a two-wheel drive truck, that has a trailer.

The trailers have a flat bed, but that’s basically a box.

It’s basically an SUV that has some cargo space.

It does not have a cargo bed.

The reason that you need to be able to rent the Flex to move a truck is because there are two-wheeled trailers that are very common now that people are renting to people with disabilities.

And you need the flexibility to do a truck rental in a different way.

Jason: The Flex’s two-ton cargo capacity, along with its lower mileage and a larger trailer bed, have made it a more attractive option for people who rent their moving truck from a car rental agency.

Jason Foucht: The flexibility of the Flex has really opened the market to people who have the ability to rent a moving trailer, and people are really finding that Flex is the right choice for them.

Jason Fouchs: The best thing about the Flex that I can say is that it is the most affordable option for the moving industry right now, so if you have the money and the money to do it, then you are going to make the best use of that money.

I mean, that is really a key part of the equation.

I can think of a lot of moving truck renters that have been using a car-rental company, like the Hertz rental, to do their moving, and they’ve been using the same company for years and years, and it’s not really that easy to find an alternative.

Jason is the managing director at Moving & Storage.

Thanks to Jason and to our guest host, Sarah McKean for this great interview.

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