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Ashley Cole: ‘My dad would never do that’

Ashley Cole: ‘My dad would never do that’

Ashley Cole has criticised her father for not being more careful about his property.

Ashley Cole, who is currently in rehab, said she felt she had been left in the lurch with her father after her mother, Barbara, passed away.

Barbara Cole, a retired nurse and mother of five, died aged 89 on January 6, 2016 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

She had recently undergone brain surgery, and Cole told the Sunday People: “I feel like the whole thing was blown out of proportion, and he should have been more careful.”

My dad was not very careful about what he had put out there, which is what he would have wanted to do.

“He’d be the first one to say that he was doing the right thing and I don’t think he would ever have done that.”

The truth is he would be in a lot of trouble, and that’s why he has gone through so much.

“I always wondered why he would do anything so personal.””

My mum was always telling me about how hard her dad worked,” she said.

“I always wondered why he would do anything so personal.”

She said that he loved his wife, but she said it was so hard to hold him.

“I feel that he would never, ever do that.

I think he was selfish.”

She also said that she had had her doubts about her father’s intentions in passing on his wealth to his daughter.

“But now that I think about it, he was trying to make sure that we didn’t die and he did that,” she added.

“And he’s doing it now because he knows that I’ll never have the chance to be his daughter, and I just think that’s not right.”

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