Hawaii’s Orange Beach Rental Board to Create ‘Orange Beach Rotation’ of Wheelchair Rentals in 2018

Hawaii’s Orange Beach Rental Board to Create ‘Orange Beach Rotation’ of Wheelchair Rentals in 2018

Hawaii is set to add the world’s first wheelchair rental program to its fleet of rental vehicles.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources announced Wednesday it is launching a new, state-of-the-art rental program called the Orange Beach Rotary, which will offer wheelchair rentals to customers of all ages.

The department says the program will allow for more accessible mobility options for customers with mobility-impaired impairments and encourage them to explore and enjoy Hawaii’s beaches, shopping, and entertainment destinations.

The Orange Beach rotation is expected to be in place by the end of this year, with approximately 25,000 customers expected to participate. 

The Orange Beach rotary program will provide up to five rental vehicles for customers of the Orange Bay and Kapolei counties to rent, according to the department.

The program will include wheelchair rental cars, a motorhome, trailers, and trailers with trailer accessories.

There will be a variety of rental rates from $150 to $600 per month.

It will be available in Hawaiian language only, with English only available in limited areas.

Customers can book wheelchair rentals for a fixed period of time and will be able to choose a rental vehicle rental vehicle when they purchase a vehicle. 

Currently, there are no rental programs for the wheelchairs available in Hawaii.

The department says it plans to expand the Orange beach rotation program to other parts of the state and other states in the Pacific.

“This is a big step forward for our community,” said DLNR Commissioner Mike Rupp, who added that the Orange Coast Rotary will be an important tool in helping to reduce the number of people living in wheelchairs in Hawaii and throughout the region.

In addition to wheelchair rental vehicles, there will also be a new service, the Hawaiian Disability Rentals, that will allow people with disabilities to rent a trailer or RV for a short time, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors or get help in their homes.

It will also offer the same rental options as the Orange beaches rotation, which is expected be in operation by the middle of the year, the department said.