How to save $100 on a car rental in Georgia

How to save $100 on a car rental in Georgia

A new study finds Georgia renters who rent cars, including SUVs, earn an average of $5 more per month on average than those who rent from local car rental companies.

The study, conducted by the Georgia Association of Car Rental Companies, also finds that owners of SUVs are paid an average $2.28 more per rental per month.

The study also finds car rental agents earn an extra $1.13 per month, on average, on rentals that include a driver.

The owners of vehicles are paid $0.40 less per rental, on the other hand.

The average rental for the average vehicle is $16,200 per year.

Georgia car rental agency Rental Car Connection said it does not provide leasing services to drivers, but it said it provides rental services to its customers to help them save money on their cars.

It said it’s not providing any incentives for the study.

The association said it found the study was the result of a collaboration between a large group of independent experts.