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A Lamborghini towing service: ‘It’s a very good thing’

A Lamborghini towing service: ‘It’s a very good thing’

A rental car rental company in Ireland is hoping to lure more customers with its latest addition to its business.

The new Lamborghinis are expected to be introduced this year at the Geneva Motor Show, where they will also be sold at the show.

In an interview with The Irish Daily Times, Lamborghina executive director Daniela Dufour said she has seen an increase in interest in rental cars.

She said: “We’ve seen a lot of interest in Lamborghins in the last couple of years and it’s a good thing.”

We have a great service, we have a good service package and we have great vehicles to offer.

“She said the company has seen a surge in the number of people looking to rent a Lamborghine.

She added that the company is not alone in offering its customers a service that is “good quality”.

She said a good rental car is a good experience.”

It’s about the experience of renting it and how it fits into your lifestyle.

It’s about getting that right car for the job.

“A spokesperson for the company said they were not yet ready to discuss a specific timeframe for their debut at the upcoming show.”

Our Lamborghines are very new to the market and they will be arriving with a few extra pieces of equipment,” the spokesperson said.”

These will be installed by Lamborghin towing services.

The vehicle will be rented by the person needing it and then driven back to the dealership.

“As we will be renting out a lot, we are looking to get people in early to ensure we have enough people available.”