Uber to replace low-cost Car Rental Places

Uber to replace low-cost Car Rental Places

Uber is planning to launch a new low-price car rental business in China, according to a report by Next Big Futures.

The new service will allow consumers to book cars with low-interest rates, which will be cheaper than leasing cars.

Uber has been developing the car rental services for over two years, but only launched the new business last year.

The company previously offered a similar service called UberX.

A few years ago, the company also launched the car-sharing service Lending Club.

The new car rental service will use an app called AutoRental, which has a similar interface to the Google Cardboard-based services.

It will allow customers to schedule an appointment, pick a car and then book it on a later date.

UberX cars are typically only used by Uber drivers.

The service is currently only available in China and South Korea, but the company has plans to expand into other markets.

According to Next Big Finance, Uber plans to open about 200 car rental businesses in China by 2021.