What to expect from the Israel’s largest car rental agency

JERUSALEM (AP) Israel’s biggest car rental company, Israel Rent, has said it will close its doors in the wake of an Israeli government crackdown on car rentals.

Israel Rent’s owners have been under increasing pressure since late 2016, when a new government law aimed at cracking down on car rental agencies effectively outlawed all of them.

It had been operating as a subsidiary of the Israel Tourism Authority, which is controlled by the ruling right-wing Likud party.

The new law, enacted last year, made it illegal to rent cars in Israel or to hire cars in any way.

The ministry of transport said it was only possible to rent the vehicles through a “third party” that was “authorized to perform the functions of a car rental agent”.

Israel Rent has not said how many of its cars it currently has.

The company said it is in discussions with the government about the closure.

The ministry of finance and the ministry of transportation have both said they are investigating the company.

In a statement, Israel Finance Minister Naftali Bennett said the law was a “clear violation of the law of the land and an insult to the many Israeli families who rely on us for affordable car rentals”.

“It’s up to the authorities to determine whether it is legal to operate a car renting agency in Israel,” Bennett said.

Israel Rent was founded in 1988 by a former military intelligence officer, and it currently serves around 1.5 million Israelis.

The company’s director, Moshe Hirsch, told the Jerusalem Post he was “truly shocked” by the government’s move.

Hirsch said the government has also banned the Israeli flag on the company’s logo.

“The flag is one of the symbols of the country.

It symbolizes peace, the land, and we believe in the people of Israel,” he said.