Car rental companies and Amazon movie rental firm,Hilton Head, are offering new products at the end of the year

Car rental companies and Amazon movie rental firm,Hilton Head, are offering new products at the end of the year

Car rental company Hilton Head has launched new products for customers, including the ability to rent a car from its online car booking platform.

In a blog post, Hilton Head’s chief executive, David Williams, said: ‘Hilton is thrilled to be launching a new offering for customers in the new year.’

The service is available on its website, on Hilton, in the Hilton Head app and at Hilton Head car rental outlets.

It will include a car rental for $2,900 and is available from January 25 to March 1.

The company said its new car rental product, called Hilton Head Car Rental, will be available to Hilton Head customers in Australia from January 1.

Mr Williams said Hilton Head would be offering ‘new car rental features’ and ‘new booking options’ for its customers in 2017.

He said the new service would be ‘as close to home as possible’ for customers.

Hilton head rental company is introducing new car booking product in 2017 in an effort to appeal to new customers.

Read more about car rental company:Car rental companies Hilton Head and Amazon are offering a new car-rental service in 2017, with an additional offer for 2017 on the way.

The new car service is called Hilton Car Rotation, and it will be priced at $2.90 per day and include unlimited mileage, car rental and car wash services.

It is available to customers in New Zealand, Australia and the US.

The online car rental platform, which is operated by Car Roto, is used by over 1 million customers in 30 countries and was launched by the US company in September 2015.

The move by the car rental industry comes as the Australian car rental market has started to cool, with the number of people moving to new suburbs or suburbs in the suburbs of major cities beginning to rise.

Honda and Amazon have announced a deal for their fleet of two new electric cars in Australia, the Hyundais and the Amazon Prime, which are powered by hydrogen and will go on sale later this year.

Amazon Prime is available for $99 a month in the US and is designed to compete with rental companies like Hilton Head in the market for the next wave of car rental customers.

Amazon said it was adding more than 1,000 new rental services in the next 12 months, including car rental, car wash, and car rental by the day.

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