What to do if you’re stuck in a rental cabin

The cabin rental market is booming, with the number of hotels, motels and cottages in use more than doubling over the past decade.As of March 2018, there were more than 50,000 properties with a vacancy rate over 2.5 percent, and a number of them have doubled in size since last summer.These are just a few of the rentals available on […]

The Lad: An Introduction

title This book is meant to be read as a one-stop-shop for all things RV rental.It contains a full guide to buying and leasing a rental vehicle, as well as a complete list of rental companies.It also includes helpful information about financing options, car repairs, and much more.Title The Lad, An Introduction: An Introductory Guide to Buying and Leasing a […]

How to Rent a Moving Van for $2,500 (in 5 Minutes)

Moving vans are one of the most popular and most used rental vehicles in North America.However, there are some drawbacks to renting one out.First, you’ll have to pay for parking for a moving van.You also need to get your moving van insured.Lastly, the moving van will only be able to take one person at a time.To keep the moving vans […]