How to save $100 on a car rental in Georgia

A new study finds Georgia renters who rent cars, including SUVs, earn an average of $5 more per month on average than those who rent from local car rental companies.The study, conducted by the Georgia Association of Car Rental Companies, also finds that owners of SUVs are paid an average $2.28 more per rental per month.The study also finds car […]

New trailer rental app: $300-$400 for the whole cabin

NEW YORK — The New York City rental app HomeBucks is launching a new app called “The Big House.”The service is available for the entire home, and it will be available in the coming weeks for $300 per night.HomeBuck will have a list of “cabin rentals” with prices starting at $200 per night and rising to $300, the company said.This […]

How Trump’s executive order will affect car rental companies

President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order requiring car rental businesses to hire Americans is expected to affect thousands of rental companies across the country, a study released Monday said.The study, commissioned by CarRental, found that the executive order would be “a significant change in the industry’s landscape and likely affect rental companies that have been the backbone of the American […]