How much do you pay for a dollar car rental?

LBI, the company that manages rental cars in Florida, says rental rates for cars vary by state.Here’s a guide to finding the right car rental for you.(Published Wednesday, June 25, 2018) The LBI rental car rental company says its rental rates vary by car.Here’s a list of the most popular rental car companies.You can also call them for advice and […]

$30 a day to pay for your groceries

The National Party is promising to offer $30 to $60 a day in new groceries to anyone who wants them, as part of a $30 million fund to help small businesses.It comes as the Opposition says the Government’s budget does not do enough to help the many small businesses that rely on low-income customers and who rely on the government […]

How to Rent a Moving Van for $2,500 (in 5 Minutes)

Moving vans are one of the most popular and most used rental vehicles in North America.However, there are some drawbacks to renting one out.First, you’ll have to pay for parking for a moving van.You also need to get your moving van insured.Lastly, the moving van will only be able to take one person at a time.To keep the moving vans […]