What are the best places to get a car rental?

Expedia car rentals are widely available and the rental service is growing rapidly.Many car rental companies offer car rental options in addition to Grand and Grand Rapid Rental.We look at the best car rental locations in America.Grand RapidRental Grand Rapid rental stations have a wide range of car rental services, from cars for rent to car rentals on the go.GrandRental […]

How to rent a minivan in Miami, Florida

Rent a minivans in Miami?Here’s everything you need to know.1.What are minivan rentals? Minivans are usually used by families with small children, or those who want to take a longer trip. You can rent them in any location that you want and they usually have some extras. Here are the basics of renting a minijan: 1.When and where do you rent them? The first […]

How to save on car rentals from Expedia car rentals

Expedia is set to start charging for pick-up truck rentals at some locations in Canada, and they will be limited to just one per day. The new policies come after the company announced a few weeks ago that it would start charging a flat fee for rental vehicles.The company stated that it wanted to keep the pick-ups affordable and convenient for […]