Aaa car rentals, houseboat rentals rise in 2016

Aaa Car Rentals, a rental service based in South Africa, reported a 2.9 percent increase in 2016, to $2.6 million, compared with a year earlier.The average cost for a 2-bedroom car rental in South African cities fell 0.6 percent in 2016 to $1,845, while the average cost of a 2 bedroom houseboat rental rose 0.4 percent to $632.The rise in […]

What to expect from the Israel’s largest car rental agency

JERUSALEM (AP) Israel’s biggest car rental company, Israel Rent, has said it will close its doors in the wake of an Israeli government crackdown on car rentals.Israel Rent’s owners have been under increasing pressure since late 2016, when a new government law aimed at cracking down on car rental agencies effectively outlawed all of them.It had been operating as a […]

Car rental agency in Florida gets $100,000 after $1M fine for failing to report millions in car rental payments

A car rental agency and its Florida-based partner have agreed to pay a $100 million fine after failing to disclose thousands of car rental payment amounts for years, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.Car rental agency HomeRentals and its partner,, paid the Department of Motor Vehicles $150,000 in August 2017 for failing a Statewide Car Rental Checkup, a […]

Car rental companies and Amazon movie rental firm,Hilton Head, are offering new products at the end of the year

Car rental company Hilton Head has launched new products for customers, including the ability to rent a car from its online car booking platform.In a blog post, Hilton Head’s chief executive, David Williams, said: ‘Hilton is thrilled to be launching a new offering for customers in the new year.’The service is available on its website, on Hilton, in the […]