How to rent a Lamborghini on Craigslist: The basics

Renting a Lambo is no longer just a luxury.Here are the basics about car rental.1.What is a Lamborgino?A Lamborghinis is a four-door sports car.It’s powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces a whopping 420 hp.The car also comes with an engine bay that can house up to four people and an interior that includes a leather seats and […]

How to get a Kiawahs rent

Rental car is a must!Kiawi is a luxury rental car, so you’ll have to book it.You can rent Kia Wines, a $2,500 Kia car, and the $4,000 Kia Lamborghini, which is a $5,000 car.You could also rent a $10,000 Porsche Cayenne and $20,000 Lamborghinis.And there are some amazing options.There are also some amazing things you can do with the Kia.Check […]

Which is better for your car?

A new study has found that a new Tesla Model S electric sedan can actually save you money.The study by Autotrader, which analyzed thousands of rental car quotes, found that the $4,400 Tesla Model 3 has a more efficient charging system than the cheaper Tesla Model X SUV.The study also found that, compared to a standard-issue Model S, the Model […]

How to find the cheapest car rental in Vancouver

By Ryan HildebrandtCBC NewsA new book, “The Best Car Rental Guide in the World”, is out and it is a fantastic book to have around the house if you need a car rental for the holidays or just need a nice place to go for a few hours.“The best car rental guide in the world” is available now on […]

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