How to Rent a Moving Van for $2,500 (in 5 Minutes)

Moving vans are one of the most popular and most used rental vehicles in North America.However, there are some drawbacks to renting one out.First, you’ll have to pay for parking for a moving van.You also need to get your moving van insured.Lastly, the moving van will only be able to take one person at a time.To keep the moving vans […]

Book rental moves to Amazon, New York

NEW YORK (AP) The New York State Book Depository and the publisher are moving to move will allow for more online book sales and expand Amazon’s presence in New York.Amazon said the book depository and publisher have decided to go with the online book rental platform because they both have “long histories of delivering great content.”“We’re thrilled to partner […]

Box truck rental company moves to Chicago

CHICAGO — Box trucks rented by the Chicago Fire Department will soon be operated by Chicago’s first privately owned company.The move comes after years of lobbying by the company’s owners and after the company was awarded a $7 million grant from the state in 2015.The Fire Department has struggled to keep up with demand for the truck because of its […]