What to know about the US-India nuclear deal

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order establishing a US-Indian nuclear deal, paving the way for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the Indian state of Maharashtra.The agreement aims to provide cheaper energy and lower emissions for the two countries.Trump’s move comes as the US and India are battling over the construction and operation of […]

4 ways to rent a car online for $2,500 [Mashable]

By now, you probably know that car rental services like Car2Go and Car2Share are the best car rental companies in the world.But now, they are also one of the most popular online car rental sites.If you’re looking for a car rental site that offers you the flexibility to choose your car and location, Car2go is the place to go.While Car2share […]

How To Rent a VR Boombox VR Pod from PodRentVR

How To Rental a VR Pod VR Boommox VR pod is a cheap, but highly efficient way to rent VR headsets.Here are the key steps to make the perfect VR pod rental.First, make sure you have the latest versions of both your computer and the VR headset you’ll be using.Second, download the PodRentalVR app and download the VR Boomerang app.Once […]

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