audio visual installation servicesaudio visual installation servicesOver the years MRS Audio Visual has taken pride in its many installations. With our certified staff, let us design the right system that meets your budget. From design, fabrication, integration, right down to the support, we have the ability to focus on all our customers needs. We cover various amounts of installations, whether you need your board room or classroom spruced up, or your house or worship needs some technical renovation. Consult with an install representative today.
audio visual installation services

Audio Visual Installations

Does your classroom, meeting space or auditorium need a technology facelift? Call on MRS to help. Choose from a simple flat screen to a more complex sound and lighting upgrade. Get the job done right the first time with the MRS team.

audio visual installation services Are you looking for a state of the art board room to make your meeting go more smoothly? Consult with MRS for all your installation needs. We can provide video projectors and screens for power point presentations and videos. We can also install a sound system that will cover the room, so that your employees dont miss a beat.

audio visual installation servicesDo your classrooms need a facelift? MRS can install digital projectors, screens, and smart boards to expand your teaching methods and keep your students attentive. Our technology is top of the line and it will keep your school competitive with other schools in the area.
audio visual installation servicesAre you looking to enhance your sound system in your church, chapel, or temple? Our top of the line sound systems will help you reach the heavens with songs and prayers. MRS will install wireless systems that will be just right to put the finishing touches on your place of worship.
audio visual installation servicesAre you satisfied with the audio/video system within your convention center, hotel, or conference center? MRS can handle installs from small to large scale. Our professional installer will work with your in-house team to provide the best possible sound system for your venue.

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