Why does my home depot rent $400 a month?

The home depot has a lease for a house and I rent it from them for $400.What can I do with the money?The rent is covered under a standard 20% down payment.If I don’t get the 20% in the next month, I get another $400 off the next monthly payment.What happens if I have more than the 30% down?The home […]

Sixt Car Rentals is hiring on Poconos, Bahamas

Sixt car rentals is hiring, on the islands of Poconoa, Cayman and the Bahamas.The company, which has a fleet of four vehicles in Cayman, has a presence in other parts of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico.Sixt, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said it will hire the first crew to arrive in the islands, which are home to some […]

What to do if you’re stuck in a rental cabin

The cabin rental market is booming, with the number of hotels, motels and cottages in use more than doubling over the past decade.As of March 2018, there were more than 50,000 properties with a vacancy rate over 2.5 percent, and a number of them have doubled in size since last summer.These are just a few of the rentals available on […]

How to dumpster-dumpster rent for your next home

You may be tempted to dump a bunch of stuff and put it in a dumpster, but the reality is, a lot of stuff is just too valuable to leave behind.That’s why you’ll need to consider which dumpster rent is the best for your needs.Read moreFirst off, it’s important to understand how much stuff you’re throwing away.The best way to […]

How snowmobile rental company is ripping off rental car companies

Rental car companies are ripping off consumers, ripping off landlords, and ripping off renters by charging rental car rental companies fees and fees they can’t afford to pay, a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found.The GAO report was released Tuesday.Rental car rental company Spalding and Snowmobile, which owns several companies that rent snowmobile vehicles, and the rental […]

When is it OK to rent a car?

When is the right time to rent your car?You’re likely going to have to think twice about it.The National Automobile Dealers Association says it’s time to make sure you are using the right car rental agency.The association says car rental agencies often charge too much, or don’t have enough drivers, or even are not properly trained.Car rental agencies may also […]

Which of the NFL’s 25 teams is the worst?

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer in the NFC East, which has been the best division in the league since 2012.The Houston Texans are also no longer there, which will be interesting in 2018.The Cowboys are now one of the worst teams in the NFL, and the Texans are next worst.The Atlanta Falcons are second worst, and Dallas is third.The […]

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