When the world’s largest beach is being built

When the first ferry to sail from the coast of Ireland was launched in 1887, the people of Galway welcomed it with open arms.Today, the city’s beaches and sea beaches are renowned for their beauty and history.There is also the potential to develop them further, and a new generation of developers is set to put this in motion.The latest wave […]

A car rental platform for Maui’s car rental market

Next Big Futures has released a new video showcasing the new Maui Car Rentals platform.The platform provides a mobile app that allows customers to book a vehicle rental from a variety of locations.The app features a car rental reservation system that allows users to book the vehicle from one of four locations that include: Maui, Maui Beach, the Maui River, […]

Uber to replace low-cost Car Rental Places

Uber is planning to launch a new low-price car rental business in China, according to a report by Next Big Futures.The new service will allow consumers to book cars with low-interest rates, which will be cheaper than leasing cars.Uber has been developing the car rental services for over two years, but only launched the new business last year.The company previously […]

How to Buy a House in 4 Easy Steps

IGN’s The House of the Dead series has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.And while its success has come at a steep price tag, its success doesn’t end there.A new generation of home buyers are eager to buy a house on their terms, rather than in exchange for a nice vacation home.In our house of the dead series, we’ve […]

How to make a pickup truck and lbi rental

How do you rent a pickup?The basics of what to expect when renting a pickup can be confusing at first.Let’s dive into some basic terms and learn how to do a bit of pickup-related research.Pickup Truck RentalRenting a pickup is pretty simple.You’ll want to make sure your truck’s battery is fully charged and you’re ready to go.There are some important […]